A Growing Company with Deep Roots

Flight1 Aviation Technologies was launched in 2004 to focus on delivering software and hardware based flight simulation training solutions to aviation customers. Since then, we've expanded our product catalog to include advanced turn-key simulators.

Our customers are excited about where we're headed, but they're also glad to know where we come from. We're no fly-by-night startup. We’ve been doing this work a long time, and we’re not going anywhere but up.

If you’re considering one of our products, you may find it useful to know who you’re doing business with.


A Lineage of Award-Winning Simulations

The history of Flight1 Aviation Technologies really begins with the founding of Flight1 Software in 1995. With a reputation for realism and customer service, Flight One Software quickly became one of the major players creating add-on aircraft, scenery, and utility products for the simulation industry.

During these early years, we spent a lot of time in the field at trade shows like EAA AirVenture and AOPA Expo, demoing our products to pilots. Over the years the need for new tools for up and coming new pilots, as well as tools to keep existing pilots proficient, were more and more needed.


A Leap into Training

As FAA-approved Personal Computer-based Aviation Training Devices (PCATDs) gained wider acceptance in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the aviation training industry began to take more interest in the realism we were building into our products.

In 2004, Flight One Software released an ATR 72-500 developed in partnership with French aircraft manufacturer, Avions de Transport Regional. Modeling almost every switch and system in the real aircraft, including the FMC and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS). It was acknowledged by reviewers and users alike as the most realistic turboprop aircraft add-on ever created for Flight Simulator.

To take this level of realistic aircraft simulation to the training market, we founded a partner company: Flight1 Aviation Technologies.


The Platform Evolves

With the release of more advanced and powerful core flight simulators (such as Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D plaform), software was now available that was capable of supporting training tasks typically performed on very expensive part-task trainers or full flight simulators. But lacking the background to create the customizations they needed in-house, flight schools, airline, and military organizations turned to companies like Flight1 Aviation Technologies to customize the base simulator to fit their needs.

The Lockheed Martin debuted Prepar3D™ platform has become “a training application for educational, civil, military, and aviation professionals.” We have added Prepar3D support to our products and we use Prepar3D in all our turnkey simulators.


From Software to Simulators

We’ve always been committed to the idea that no two training programs, or two students, are alike. From the beginning, our goal has been to provide our customers with a toolbox of flexible training tools they can combine in different ways to meet their unique needs and goals.

In recent years, we've shifted our focus from creating consumer software, to creating turn-key simulators designed for flight schools and universities. Our Cirrus SR20/SR22/SR22T and Piper PA-28 Enterprise G1000 Simulators are FAA approved Aviation Training Devices (AATDs) that pilots can use to log time toward the instrument rating, and to maintain proficiency. Other aircraft are in development.

After more than 15 years in the simulation industry, we’re finally able to offer you everything you need to add highly immersive—and FAA Approved—simulation to your flight training program.