Putting Decades of Experience to Work for You


Jim Rhoads, President

As a commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings, Jim Rhoads began using Microsoft Flight Simulator to augment his own flight training back in the early 1990s. Long before Microsoft provided a Software Development Kit, he began working with the sim to figure out how it worked.

“Back then there were just a bunch of us on CompuServe,” says Rhoads. “Soon though, the flight simulation enthusiast community started to grow, and people started businesses to develop and sell add-ons for Flight Simulator.”

After working for one of the leading entertainment add-on developers at the time, he decided he wanted to focus on seeing just how realistic Flight Simulator add-ons could become, and set out on his own.

In 1995 Rhoads joined Flight One Software. More than 25 years later, he's thrilled to be bringing innovative products to the training market, through Flight1 Aviation Technologies.


Steve Halpern

There weren't many commercial developers for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the 1990s, and Steve Halpern was among the pioneers. His first product, FSClouds, was an add-on for Flight Simulator 98 that improved the textures of the default clouds. It was a big hit among simmers, and improved versions followed. In 1995 Steve founded Flight One Software.

Over the decades, Flight One Software has developed many award-winning, highly realistic add-on products for Flight Simulator and Prepar3D franchise, and has become one of the largest and most trusted publishers. As Flight One Software expanded, the requirement for powerful simulations for real world training on the PC platform grew.

"With our experience in the simulation industry, along with our passion for pilot training and safety, the founding of Flight1 Tech was a natural progression," says Halpern. "We believe that the types of tools and platforms we create will be paramount to the growing need for future pilots, as well as allowing existing pilots to maintain the highest level of proficiency."