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While our G1000 simulation looks and works like the G1000 in your airplane, it’s actually a much better training tool.

If you’ve been shopping for a way to bring Garmin G1000 simulation into your flight school, classroom, or home, you’ve probably noticed that most full-fledged G1000 flight simulators are prohibitively expensive … and most inexpensive G1000 flight training tools lack many of the features you need the most as an instructor or pilot.


The Flight1 Aviation Technologies G1000 Student Simulator software fills the gap. It works together with Microsoft® Flight Simulator X or Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™ to provide you with a uniquely immersive training experience. You can train just like you do in the air … without ever leaving the ground.


You can use the G1000 Student Simulator software with your existing monitors and flight simulation hardware. Or you can integrate it with realistic G1000 display unit hardware like the SimKits TRC1000, the Emuteq G1000, or the F1 Tech 1000.



No matter how you set it up, the G1000 Student Simulator software will completely transform the way you train and maintain proficiency on the Garmin G1000.


The Problem

Does glass cockpit technology really make flying safer? Depending on who you ask and how they interpret the accident statistics, you'll receive different answers. It's a heated topic. Part of the issue is that you can't look at aviation technology in a vacuum. You need to also look at the person using the technology.


In the hands of a well-trained pilot, glass cockpit technology can deliver on its promise, increasing situational awareness and providing easy access to information. In the hands of an un-trained pilot, the same technology can have a negative effect, decreasing situational awareness and overwhelming the pilot with too much information.


Sitting in an airplane floating thousands of feet above the earth, the stakes are high. If you're going to fly glass, you'd better learn to use it. But how?

According to a 2007 AOPA Air Safety Foundation report on Technologically Advanced Aircraft Safety and Training, the best way to train new or experienced pilots to fly aircraft equipped with complex glass avionics like the Garmin G1000 suite is to follow a specific training sequence:

  • 1) Learn the aircraft systems and basic avionics via books, manuals, videos, part-task trainers, or online courseware.
  • 2) Learn your way around the PFD/MFD glass avionics environment using a part-task trainer like the stand-alone G1000 Simulator available from Garmin.
  • 3) Use a flight simulator or flight training device to master using the avionics in the context of realistic flight scenarios.
  • 4) Transfer all of your new skills to a real airplane.

Many students and flight schools skip over Step 3—flight simulation—because they think they can’t afford to rent or purchase a G1000-based flight simulator.


That’s unfortunate, because simulation is one of the most effective ways to engage in Scenario-Based Training (SBT) and develop Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM) skills. SBT and SRM are two of the core tenets of the FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS), which have been proven to develop safer, more proficient pilots.


The Solution: More Realistic, More Flexible, and More Affordable G1000 Training

Part-task trainers like the G1000 simulator available from Garmin allow you to become familiar with the operation of the G1000. But they don’t allow you to do so in the context of actually flying.


Because it works with Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D, the Flight1 Tech G1000 Student Simulator software lets you learn and master the G1000 in the same cognitive environment you’re in when you’re actually flying. You’ll learn to manage the avionics while simultaneously managing the challenges of flying the airplane—without burning any fuel.

“What about X-Plane?”

You may have seen G1000 simulations that integrate with the flight simulator X-Plane. At this time, our G1000 Student Simulator software only works with Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D. Why? Because we’ve been developing software for Microsoft’s and Lockheed’s simulation platforms for years, and because we believe that FSX and Prepar3D are still the best platforms for most users. They are mature products with easy-to-use interfaces, and they work with a huge variety of additional products. You can choose from hundreds of scenery, weather, aircraft, and utility add-ons that will increase the realism of your sim even further.

Developing a G1000 simulation for FSX and Prepar3D was a challenge. The existing G1000 add-on packages were merely derivatives of the default G1000 created by Microsoft for entertainment. From the beginning, we designed the G1000 Student Simulator software to be used for real-world flight training. We worked with leaders in the aviation training industry to make sure that it provided the features they needed. We designed it to be used in all sorts of teaching and learning environments—from aviation university classrooms and labs, to flight school and airline simulation centers, to private homes.


We designed it to be used in all sorts of configurations too:

  • On a laptop with a gaming joystick
  • On one or more PCs with a yoke and rudder pedals
  • Integrated with realistic G1000 display unit hardware and high end controls
  • Integrated into a home cockpit


Because the G1000 Student Simulator is a stand-alone software application that interfaces with FSX or Prepar3D over a network (or on the same machine), we were unhampered by the limitations Microsoft’s and Lockheed’s platforms provide for avionics development. Thus, we were able to go deeper in our simulation of the G1000. The result is a highly realistic—and highly flexible—G1000 simulation that will save you time and money.


The G1000 Student Simulator software is available in Standard and Pro versions. (The Pro version features everything in the Standard version plus support for integration with simulated G1000 hardware. It also includes a commercial use license and a simulated electronic standby instrument system.)


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What People Are Saying


Better than the Airplane


"There are so many things that we can’t do in the airplane that we can do a great job of in the simulator.”


Chuck Padgett, CFII
Lanier Flight Center


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The Best Training, Transition, and "Stay Current" Product for Garmin G1000 Avionics


"I'm really impressed with your product and support. I purchased a 2011 Diamond DA40 with G1000 (WAAS) in May, 2015. I fly it IFR regularly and I am convinced that the G1000 Student Pro is the best training, transition, and 'stay current' product for Garmin G1000 avionics (including vs. "approved" flight simulators like Redbird).


"I fly my home simulator all the time because of the mental preparedness it provides for planned flights. I firmly believe that if more IFR, or IFR-in-training, pilots make the modest investment in your product, they'll find it much easier to master Technologically Advanced Aircraft avionics."


David O'Connell
Commercial Pilot



By Far the Best G1000 Simulation On the Market


"Garmin G1000 owners and users have suffered from the lack of a decent and affordable tool to learn how to use and to develop automation proficiency. Flight1 Aviation Technologies has now developed that tool.


"Unlike other G1000 learning tools, the G1000 Student Simulator provides high fidelity, high resolution, and fully functional emulation. It is noteworthy that the G1000 Student Simulator provides complete and accurate automation status as the Garmin G1000 does in the airplane, as well as fully programmable flight plan functionality including storage, retrieval, and editing. Microsoft’s basic G1000 and all third-party variations based on it lack both automation status and programmability.


"Especially when combined with the Flight1 Tech Virtual Instructor Station Pro (VISPRO) and Scenario Builder, the G1000 Student Simulator allows pilots to practice using both basic and advanced functions of the G1000 in a realistic setting which enhances learning and transferability to the real world of aviation. The G1000 Student Simulator is by far the best thing available on the market for learning and developing automation proficiency in the Garmin G1000 system."


Charles L. Robertson, PhD
Associate Professor of AviationUniversity of North Dakota


Learn More About the G1000


Garmin’s G1000 is an all-glass avionics suite designed for new aircraft or retrofits. It brings new levels of situational awareness, simplicity and safety to the cockpit, and puts critical data right at your fingertips. You can learn more on the Garmin web site.

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