Avidyne Entegra Student Simulator

Master the Avidyne Entegra Glass Flight Deck System on the Ground ... By Practicing the Same Way You’ll Use it In the Air

The acclaimed Avidyne Entegra flight deck system brings integrated flight deck technology into the cockpits of retrofitted business and general aviation aircraft.

The Flight1 Aviation Technologies Avidyne Entegra Student Simulator provides individual pilots and flight schools with Entegra avionics training in a realistic, dynamic simulation environment. It's a software add-on for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X. (Support for Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™ is coming soon.) It’s so realistic, in fact, that it’s endorsed by Avidyne.

If you’re new to flying Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) equipped with complex glass avionics like the Entegra, you’ll want to:


  1. Learn the aircraft systems and basic avionics via books, manuals, videos, part-task trainers, or online courseware.
  2. Learn your way around the PFD/MFD glass avionics environment using a part-task trainer like our FITS-accepted Entegra EXP5000 PFD Courseware, or the Entegra Freeplay Simulator available from Avidyne.
  3. Use a flight simulator or flight training device to master using the avionics in the context of realistic flight scenarios.
  4. Transfer all of your new skills to a real airplane.

Many students and flight schools skip over Step 3—flight simulation—because they can’t afford an Avidyne-based flight simulator

That’s unfortunate, because simulation is one of the most effective ways to engage in Scenario-Based Training (SBT) and develop Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM) skills. SBT and SRM are two of the core tenets of the new FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS), which have been proven to develop safer, more proficient pilots.

The Avidyne Entegra Student Simulator is for you if you are:

  • A flight school owner or manager. The Entegra Student Simulator, VISPRO, Scenario Builder, FSX or Prepar3D and cockpit hardware can be combined to build a cost-effective simulator that can provide a far more immersive experience than a stand-alone Entegra avionics simulation.
  • An independent flight or ground instructor. The Entegra Student Simulator combined with VISPRO gives you the ability to train students on the ground just like you would in an airplane, at a lower cost to students, and with greater flexibility.
  • A student pilot, a private pilot, or a commercial pilot. Combine the Entegra Student Simulator with Flight Simulator 2004 or Flight Simulator X and you’ll have an effective environment in which to learn and master this complex technology—for a fraction of what it would cost to practice in your own aircraft or in a rental.


An Avionics Simulator … and More



The Entegra Student Simulator has many custom features that can be fine-tuned using the included Student Configurator software. 

Customizable PFD options include:

  • Accurate settings for four specific aircraft types (Cirrus SR22, Piper PA32 6X, Piper PA28 Warrior III, and Piper PA44 Seminole), or your own custom settings.
  • V-Speeds
  • Deviation Indicator type (Diamond, Hollow Diamond, and Arrow styles)
  • Low and High RPM Warning thresholds
  • Engine horsepower
  • AHRS startup sequence
  • Outside Air Temperature, True Airspeed, Ground Speed display
  • Engine gauge (MAP, RPM, FF) display on PFD
  • Flight Director
  • Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) Compass Headings
  • V-speeds (Vx, Vy, Vg) on Speed Tape

Customizable MFD options include:

  • Map update rate (visual quality vs. performance)
  • EMax Engine Management System on/off
  • VFR/IFR defaults and item specific visual ranges for map decluttering
  • Map items on/off
  • Database selection (U.S. or World)

Customizable Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) options include:

  • Obstacle/Terrain Look Angle (the angles left and right of the nose between which the TAWS systems will display obstacles and terrain)
  • Traffic Warning Distance, Traffic Caution Distance, and Traffic Alert Altitude Distance
  • Obstacle Warning Height, Warning Time, Caution Height, and Caution Time
  • Traffic Scan Interval

A Serious Training Tool

We partnered with Avidyne to make sure that our Entegra Student Simulator provided the features pilots need most for training and proficiency. As you've seen, the result is the most cost-effective and flexible Avidyne Entegra simulation available. Combine it with our FITS-inspired training solutions (VISPRO and Scenario Builder) and you’ll have a cutting edge suite of training tools you can put to work right away.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, Flight1 is one of the most respected third-party solution providers for Microsoft's simulations. We use the depth and breadth of our knowledge to create products that push the limits of what can be done with PC-based simulation for both entertainment and flight training.

We’re excited about the ways people are using our products, and we’d love to hear about your success with the Avidyne Entegra Student Simulator.


Order a copy of the Entegra Student Simulator today:

Standalone Edition

$99.95 Download (Does not include Flight Simulator 2004 or Flight Simulator X)

After you install the Entegra Student Simulator, we suggest you spend some time reading through the included manuals, as well as the real manuals for the Entegra PFD and MFD, the Meggitt S-TEC 55X Autopilot, and the Garmin GNS430 GPS, GTX 337 Transponder, and GNA 340 audio panel.  You’ll learn how to take advantage of all of the features we’ve described here.



System Requirements

  • Simulation Platform: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Hardware: Computer meeting minimum Flight Simulator specs
  • Video Card Memory: 256 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 250 MB



We welcome the opportunity to help you learn more about our products. If you have questions before purchasing the Entegra Student Simulator, please contact us via our support ticket system.



(Download—does not include Flight Simulator 2004 or Flight Simulator X)

Price: $99.95

Learn more about the Avidyne Entegtra

You can read more about the Avidyne Entegra on the Avidyne web site.

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