Cirrus SR20/SR22 Perspective Plug-in for the G1000 Student Simulator Software

Cirrus Perspective is far more than “just the name Cirrus uses for the G1000.” It’s a fully-integrated cockpit ... and so is our Perspective plug-in.

When our customers requested a Cirrus plug-in for our G1000 Student Simulator software, we did more than just tweak the PFD and MFD. We added all of the standard components that make up a Cirrus Perspective cockpit.


The result is everything you need to simulate flying a Perspective-equipped SR20 or SR22 in the simulated world generated by Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™ or Microsoft® Flight Simulator X.


Cirrus SR20/SR22 Perspective Plug-in


If you’re unfamiliar with the G1000 Student Simulator software, we suggest you learn about the benefits of that product first, then come back here and continue reading about the Cirrus Perspective Plug-in.


Give Your G1000 Simulation a New Perspective

The SR20/SR22 Perspective Plug-in features an integrated Full Panel window that simulates the displays and controls on a single photorealistic panel, including the:


  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • Standby airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, and altimeter
  • GCU 478 Flight Management System Keyboard
  • GMC 705 AFCS Mode Controller
  • GMA350 Audio Panel
  • Power Lever
  • Mixture Control
  • Fuel Pump switch
  • Start/Ignition Key switch
  • Electrical and lighting controls
  • Fuel Selector Valve
  • Fuel Quantity gauges
  • Flap Control and Position Indicators
  • Parking Brake


Unique Perspective features simulated include:


  • SR20/SR22 PFD and MFD displays. Select the SR20 or SR22 and you’ll see that aircraft’s unique V-speeds, Percent Power displays, Engine Indication System (EIS) displays (dedicated Engine page, fuel calculations, and Leaning Assist mode), and more on the PFD and MFD. Also includes a realistic constant speed governor-regulated propeller simulation.
  • A GCU 478 Flight Management System keyboard. Just like in the airplane, a dedicated FMS keyboard makes interacting with the avionics intuitive—Whether you use a mouse or a touchscreen.
  • Level Hold Autopilot Mode. The simulated GMC 705 AFCS Mode Controller features a blue “LVL” button. Press it and the autopilot will bring the aircraft to straight and level flight.


Note: The Perspective Plug-in is intended to help pilots train and stay proficient flying VFR and IFR in Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X while using Perspective enhancements to the G1000. It’s not intended to be a one-to-one simulation of Perspective integrated cockpit avionics, or of the SR20 or SR22 aircraft systems. Optional external sensor displays and some other features are not simulated.


When displayed on a 27” or larger LCD monitor (with the external view generated by the flight simulator displayed on a separate monitor above it), the Full Panel window provides a particularly realistic training experience.


Have a touchscreen monitor? Optional “mouse area” depictions make it easy to manipulate knobs with your fingers instead of the mouse.


Optional Mouse Areas


The plug-in also includes separate resizable windows for the PFD, MFD, GCU 478 FMS Keyboard/GFC 705 AFCS Mode Controller, and Standby gauges that can all be positioned on separate monitors in any combination.


Resizable Windows


You've read about the plug-in and seen some screenshots ... now see it in action in this video tour:




The plug-in can also be used with the F1 Tech 1000, our integrated hardware/software solution that features a realistic G1000 PFD, MFD, and audio panel mounted in a vertical desktop stand.


New to Our Products?

It all starts with the flight simulation: either Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D or Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X. Both platforms feature easy-to-use interfaces, and work with hundreds of scenery, weather, aircraft, and utility add-ons that bring even more realism.


The tools we build focus on pilot training and proficiency, and work together for a synergistic effect:


  • The G1000 Student Simulator software provides a deep G1000 avionics simulation.
  • The Cirrus Perspective Plug-in expands the G1000 Student Simulator so that pilots who fly the Cirrus SR20 or SR22 with Perspective will feel right at home.


Related products include:


  • Virtual Instructor Station Pro (VISPRO), powerful instructor station software that provides professional-quality tools for monitoring, instruction, and analysis. You can control the environment, change the weather, reposition the student’s aircraft, and trigger malfunctions ... all in real time as the simulation is running.
  • G1000 Failures Plug-in for VISPRO, software that lets you covertly trigger realistic G1000 failures right from VISPRO.
  • Scenario Builder, easy-to-use software that lets you create a library of interactive, simulation-based training scenarios.


Unlike competitive solutions that lock you into specific aircraft, hardware, or software configurations, our products give you the flexibility to build a simulation solution that meets your unique goals.


How much flexibility? Download the checklist in the sidebar to see for yourself how the G1000 Student Simulator software with the Perspective Plug-in stacks up to the competition.


A Must-Have Training Tool If You Fly a Cirrus

Take advantage of everything that Flight1 Aviation Technologies and Lockheed Martin or Microsoft can bring to your Cirrus-focused simulation training.


Order a copy of the Cirrus SR20/SR22 Perspective Plug-in for the G1000 Student Simulator today:



$99.95 (Does not include the G1000 Student Simulator software, Prepar3D, or FSX)


System Requirements

  • Simulator: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D or Microsoft FSX, and the Flight1 Tech G1000 Student Simulator software (version 1.53 or higher)
  • Processor: Quad core or better
  • Video Card: 1 GB (nVidia Recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 400 MB
  • System Memory: 4GB Minimum Recommended (for single computer use)
  • Computer Setup: Please note that a two-computer configuration with both computers linked via a local network is recommended for optimum performance, compared to a single computer configuration.



We welcome the opportunity to help you learn more about our products. If you have questions before purchasing the Cirrus SR20/SR22 Perspective Plug-in, please contact us via our support ticket system.



(Does not include the G1000 Student Simulator software, Prepar3D, or FSX)

Price: $99.95

Do Your Homework

How Does the G1000 Student Simulator with the Cirrus Perspective Plug-in Stack Up to the Competition? See for yourself.

Download this handy checklist




What People Are Saying

"When I actually flew the route I was prepared"

"As a Cirrus SR20 and SR22 VFR and IFR certified pilot who's attended Cirrus Certified Training, I find the Flight1 Aviation Technologies Cirrus Perspective Plug-in to be realistic, and to contain all the essential elements you need to learn the Perspective system. I wish I had used this tool before attending the training program, instead of the one Cirrus provided (which lacked a realistic feel).


"The combination of Prepar3D, the Flight1 Tech G1000 Student Simulator, and the Perspective plug-in permits true scenario-based training. You can fly the latest WAAS approaches with current data. And with the addition of the SaferTaxi Plug-in, you can even get comfortable taxiing at complex airports.


"Before a recent trip to Chicago Midway, I used this software to practice flying the STAR and approach. When I actually flew the route I was prepared.


"I'd recommend this tool to any new pilot--or any pilot converting to the Perspective system. You'll save money by training on the ground first, instead of in the air at $200-400 per hour."


Daniel Leonard
BGI (Instructor in Aircraft Systems)
CEO, Creative Bits Computer Sales and Service


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