Refine your "six pack" ... with this highly-configurable analog gauge simulation for Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™ and Microsoft® Flight Simulator X

It's no surprise that pilots and flight schools want to incorporate the latest glass avionics into their simulators. All-glass avionics suites like the G1000 are standard equipment on almost all new airplanes these days, and many older airplanes are being retrofitted with glass as well.


But there are still lots of aircraft in the GA fleet with steam gauges, and lots of pilots who fly them. And it doesn't make sense to train on a simulator that features glass if you fly an aircraft with traditional instruments. So when our customers asked us for an analog gauge simulation, we ran with the idea!


Introducing GAPanel

The Flight1 Aviation Technologies GAPanel is a standalone analog gauge instrument panel simulation that integrates with Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™ or Microsoft® Flight Simulator X. It provides pilots, instructors, flight schools, simulator manufacturers, and home cockpit builders with a flexible, customizable, high-fidelity simulation that can be used with virtually any default or add-on GA aircraft or gas turbine helicopter model.






GAPanel is a stand-alone software application that runs outside of the flight simulation in its own window. It's not incorporated directly into a Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X 2D panel or "virtual cockpit" like typical simulation gauges. Learning to use a joystick, mouse, or keyboard to maneuver around a virtual cockpit may be fun when the goal is entertainment. But in a flight training environment, your focus should be on flying—not on using the simulation's interface.


GAPanel can be run on the same computer as Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X (using a separate monitor), or on a dedicated machine connected to the flight simulation via a network.


We designed GAPanel to be used in all sorts of configurations:

  • On a laptop with a gaming joystick
  • On one or more PCs with a yoke and rudder pedals
  • Integrated with realistic hardware and high end controls
  • Integrated into a home cockpit

The monitor displaying the flight simulation seems like it’s a glass window onto the 3D outside world, and the monitor displaying the instrument panel seems like it’s ... an instrument panel. Just like in a real airplane the world is "out there," and the instruments are right in front of you.


GAPanel - example two-monitor setup


GAPanel can be used with any default or add-on aircraft that uses standard Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X variables (most add-on aircraft do this for the instruments included with GAPanel). You can fly with the add-on aircraft’s flight model and systems simulation, and use GAPanel for the instrument panel.

Maximize Your Simulator's Usage

If you’re already using our Avidyne Entegra or Garmin G1000 Student Simulator software with Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X, you can maximize the usage you get out of your simulator by also integrating GAPanel. Whenever you or a student wants to train using steam gauges, just launch GAPanel instead of the glass simulation.


GAPanel is even more powerful when you combine it with other Flight1 Tech products that integrate with Prepar3D and Flight Simulator X:

  • With VISPRO you can easily and inexpensively add an instructor station to your simulator, with professional-quality tools for monitoring, instruction, and analysis.
  • Using Scenario Builder you can quickly create a library of interactive simulation-based training scenarios.



GAPanel comes with two prearranged instrument panels: one for a fixed wing general aviation aircraft, and one for a gas turbine helicopter. While these panels make it easy to get started, you can easily modify them (or create your own layout from scratch). Each panel layout you create can be saved and recalled for later use, and there's no limit to the number of panel layouts you can create and use.


Customizing a panel is a simple four-step process:

  • 1: Start with one of the default background images provided, or create your own BMP file. The background image provides the graphics for the instrument panel surrounding the instruments, and you can also use it as a template for positioning and sizing the instruments.
  • 2: Enable or disable the instruments you want to display on your panel.
  • 3: Use the mouse to resize and precisely position the instruments exactly where you want them.
  • 4: Save your new panel layout.




GA aircraft instruments included are:

  • General: Digital Clock, Whiskey Compass, Airplane Annunciator
  • Flight Instruments: Airspeed-C172, Airspeed-Universal, Attitude Indicator, ADI, Altimeter, Turn Coordinator, Directional Gyro, HSI, VSI
  • Engine Instruments: Fuel Gauge, EGT/Fuel Flow, Vacuum/Amps, Engine Oil, Tachometer-single, Tachometer-twin, Manifold Pressure-twin
  • Controls: Flaps Control, Fuel Selector, Trim Control, Light Switch, Gear Switch, Switch Rack, Autopilot
  • Avionics: COM/NAV1 Radio, COM/NAV2 Radio, VOR1, VOR2, ADF, DME, Transponder, Marker Lights

Additional turbine helicopter instruments included are:

  • General: Annunciator, Test Switch
  • Flight Instruments: Airspeed, Turn Coordinator, VSI
  • Engine Instruments: Oil, Fuel, Load Pcl/Fuel Pressure, Torque, Transmission, Gas Producer, Power Turbine, Turbine Temperature

Five of the instruments are configurable (so that you can enter the exact values used for annunciations and colored arcs):

  • GA aircraft annunciator: Min Volts, Min Vac, Min Fuel, Min Oil Pressure
  • Helicopter annunciator: Min Transmission Pressure, Max Transmission Temperature, Min Fuel, Min Rotor RPM
  • Universal airspeed gauge: VS0, Vs, Vfe, Vno, Vne, Vmca, Vyse
  • Tachometer (single engine): Min RPM, Max RPM
  • Tachometer (twin engine): Min RPM, Max RPM

An optional Stack Zoom switch can also be included that displays the configured avionics stack in a pop-up.



Fidelity and Performance

GAPanel uses OpenGL (the most widely used and supported graphics application programming interface) to interact with your PC's graphics processing unit (GPU). The result is hardware-accelerated rendering that lets the simulated gauges operate smoothly. The instruments move just as realistically as they look.


Because GAPanel is a stand-alone application that runs outside of Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X, it can be run on a dedicated machine networked with the machine running the flight simulation. This provides the best performance—with no frame rate affect at all on the flight simulation.


GAPanel has the fluid movement and resolution you need to hand-fly on instruments. See for yourself in this short demo video:



Get The Most Out of Your Simulator

Add GAPanel to an existing simulator, or build a simulator around it. Either way, we think you'll find GAPanel to be the most realistic, most customizable, and most flexible analog gauge simulation available for Prepar3D and Flight Simulator X.


Order a copy of GAPanel today:



$124.95 (Licensed for personal or commercial use. Not licensed for integration into commercial solutions for resale. Does not include Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X).


Are you a commercial integrator? Call us for pricing.

System Requirements

  • Simulator: Microsoft FSX or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
  • Processor: Quad core or Better
  • Video Card: 1 GB (nVidia Recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 400 MB
  • System Memory: 4GB Minimum Recommended (for single computer use)
  • Computer Setup: Please note that a two computer configuration with both computers linked via a local network is recommended for optimum performance, compared to a single computer configuration.



We welcome the opportunity to help you learn more about our products. If you have questions before purchasing GAPanel, please contact us via our support ticket system.



(Licensed for personal or commercial use. Not licensed for integration into commercial solutions for resale. Does not include Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X.)


Are you a commercial integrator? Call us for pricing.

Price: $124.95

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