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It's not all the features that make this such a valuable training tool. It’s what you can do with them.

The G1000 Student Simulator will allow you or your students to start mastering the G1000 while flying in the simulated environment generated by Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D. Time spent using the simulation on the ground will decrease stress and workload (and increase safety) during real flights.

Using the G1000 Student Simulator you’ll be able to:

  • Become comfortable operating the G1000’s complex interface of buttons, knobs, softkeys, page groups, and pages while you are flying, navigating, and communicating within the simulated world.
  • Develop a good scan for flying Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and maintain it (even if you’re grounded for weeks or months at a time).
  • Master using the G1000 during VFR and IFR flights between any airports, anywhere in the world, in any season, in any weather conditions, at any time of day or night.
  • Learn to use G1000 features you might never have the opportunity to explore during a real flight in a real airplane.
  • Maintain proficiency flying the departures, arrivals, and approaches you fly most frequently.
  • Build proficiency flying unfamiliar routes and procedures by “pre-flying” them using the simulator.
  • Master the G1000’s numerous autopilot modes (including modes like Flight Level Change that were only recently introduced to GA aircraft).
  • Practice using the G1000 to execute missed approaches and route modifications (without the stress of getting lost in a sea of buttons and menus while you’re actually flying in IMC).
  • Become proficient using one of the G1000’s most powerful new features: flying fully coupled WAAS/LPV approaches in both vertical and lateral modes.
  • Practice flying holding patterns and DME arcs.
  • Learn how to use Vertical Navigation (VNAV) to take the guesswork out of descending to specific altitudes at waypoints and airports.
  • Master using OBS mode and the SUSP button to suspend and resume waypoint sequencing during missed approaches, departure procedures, and holds.
  • Practice flying after failures of the displays, the radios, and the transponder.
  • Train in a G1000-equipped aircraft using scenarios that you could otherwise only complete in a real airplane (or via “chair flying” using your imagination).

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What People Are Saying


Better than the Airplane


"There are so many things that we can’t do in the airplane that we can do a great job of in the simulator.”


Chuck Padgett, CFII
Lanier Flight Center


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The Best Training, Transition, and "Stay Current" Product for Garmin G1000 Avionics


"I'm really impressed with your product and support. I purchased a 2011 Diamond DA40 with G1000 (WAAS) in May, 2015. I fly it IFR regularly and I am convinced that the G1000 Student Pro is the best training, transition, and 'stay current' product for Garmin G1000 avionics (including vs. "approved" flight simulators like Redbird).


"I fly my home simulator all the time because of the mental preparedness it provides for planned flights. I firmly believe that if more IFR, or IFR-in-training, pilots make the modest investment in your product, they'll find it much easier to master Technologically Advanced Aircraft avionics."


David O'Connell
Commercial Pilot



By Far the Best G1000 Simulation On the Market


"Garmin G1000 owners and users have suffered from the lack of a decent and affordable tool to learn how to use and to develop automation proficiency. Flight1 Aviation Technologies has now developed that tool.


"Unlike other G1000 learning tools, the G1000 Student Simulator provides high fidelity, high resolution, and fully functional emulation. It is noteworthy that the G1000 Student Simulator provides complete and accurate automation status as the Garmin G1000 does in the airplane, as well as fully programmable flight plan functionality including storage, retrieval, and editing. Microsoft’s basic G1000 and all third-party variations based on it lack both automation status and programmability.


"Especially when combined with the Flight1 Tech Virtual Instructor Station Pro (VISPRO) and Scenario Builder, the G1000 Student Simulator allows pilots to practice using both basic and advanced functions of the G1000 in a realistic setting which enhances learning and transferability to the real world of aviation. The G1000 Student Simulator is by far the best thing available on the market for learning and developing automation proficiency in the Garmin G1000 system."


Charles L. Robertson, PhD
Associate Professor of AviationUniversity of North Dakota


Learn More About the G1000


Garmin’s G1000 is an all-glass avionics suite designed for new aircraft or retrofits. It brings new levels of situational awareness, simplicity and safety to the cockpit, and puts critical data right at your fingertips. You can learn more on the Garmin web site.

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