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Consulting and Services to Meet Your Training and Data Analysis Needs

We’re known as one of the industry leaders in the creation of high-quality flight simulation products for pilot training. What you may not know is that we also do consulting and create custom solutions for individual pilots, flight schools, manufacturers, and other industry organizations.


With more than 15 years of experience working with Microsoft® Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™ we have a large network of industry contacts. We also have some of the world’s most talented simulation software designers, developers, and testers working for us. Whatever your simulation needs, we can create a custom solution that will exceed your expectations.


Custom Avionics Simulations


While many high end simulators are generic in nature, we can provide you with exact replicas of the actual instruments and avionics found in your aircraft.


We can faithfully simulate virtually any avionics package available today, and can design and develop a custom simulation based on your unique requirements.


We’ll start with a thorough analysis of your needs, and then provide a high-level design. Once we agree on the big picture, we’ll create a detailed specification. We’ll then develop your solution, test it, refine it, and deliver it. We’ll even help with installation.


Turnkey Flight Training Solutions


If you’re looking for a complete hardware and software package to meet your simulation needs, look no further. With a deep understanding of all the available options, we can put together a customized package specifically designed for your environment, your training regime, and your specifications.


You can waste months doing research yourself, or you can let us do all the work. We’ll source all the components, pre-install all the software, and send you the entire solution. You’ll be able to unpack it, plug it in, and start training right away.


Glass Cockpit Training Software


The aviation industry is changing, and so are the requirements to train pilots effectively. Glass cockpit technology is here to stay, and effectively and efficiently transitioning pilots to this technology is essential to the continued success of General Aviation.


Our Avidyne and Garmin simulations have made us a leader in the creation of glass cockpit simulation and supporting courseware. If you have other glass software you need simulated, we have the experience to create a highly realistic simulation. If you need courseware for a specific unit, we can develop it.


Advanced Flight Dynamics


Contrary to popular belief, flight simulators are not typically used to train pilots how to fly aircraft. They are used to teach pilots correct procedures in specific situations, and how to properly operate various aircraft systems.


However, simulators still require a high level of fidelity with regards to aircraft performance, as pilots need to practice taking off, landing, and go-around procedures.


We take great pride in our ability to simulate the experience of flying an airplane as closely and realistically as possible. Our flight models achieve a high level of fidelity, giving pilots procedural training on a system that closely matches the performance figures of the real aircraft. This makes for a very convincing and realistic training environment.


No matter what aircraft you simulate, we can create a custom flight model that will bring your simulation one big step closer to reality.


Flight Data and Safety Analysis


We’ve developed several proprietary safety analysis tools that have the ability to record, track and analyze simulated and real world cockpit data. This data can be played back with active flow tables, graphs, and charting—with incredible fidelity and unmatched visualization.


We can take your FDR (Flight Data Recorder) or Radar data, and transform it into a visual format that can be easily reviewed. We’ve worked with all sorts of data types, and can do fluid visual replays of this data using modern aviation formulary.


Please contact us for more information, or for samples of our work in this area.

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