COMING SOON! Our turnkey avionics simulator for Cessna Nav III aircraft bridges the gap between a basic part-task trainer and an advanced full flight simulator.

There's no doubt about it: high-fidelity full flight simulators are the next best thing to being in the airplane. But they're expensive to own and operate. And while inexpensive courseware, part task trainers, and stand-alone avionics simulators are great tools for learning your way around a glass cockpit, they're just not compelling.


Our Cessna Nav III Enterprise G1000 Simulator provides the same immersive experience as a full flight simulator, at a fraction of the cost. (Cessna Nav III aircraft include the 172R, 172S, 182T, T182T, 206H, and T206H.)


Our simulators have received FAA AATD approval. Click here to read more.




The Cessna Nav III Enterprise G1000 Simulator fuses a high-fidelity G1000 avionics simulation with the industry’s most realistic visual simulation platform—and includes Nav III aircraft-specific hardware.


Unlike the 2D touchscreen-based trainers that are rapidly becoming the industry norm, this professional training tool features the same physical switches, knobs, and controls that pilots interact with in the airplane. Pilots can build muscle memory and minimize negative transfer of skills as they train.


What's included:


  • A realistic G1000 PFD, MFD, and audio panel mounted in a metal desktop stand. Fully functional buttons and knobs, and adjustable backlighting, add to the immersion—especially during night flying.
  • A Cessna Nav III aircraft-specific switch panel mounted in a metal base for physical control of frequently-used controls.
  • A high-quality yoke/joystick controller.
  • Cessna Nav III G1000 avionics simulation software.
  • A high-resolution, large LCD monitor for display of the flight simulation above the avionics.
  • Two purpose-built networked PCs configured to run the avionics and flight simulations with the highest possible performance.
  • Simple USB connectors to connect all the included hardware.


The avionics simulation is a nearly one-to-one simulation of the actual G1000 software, and includes:


  • A high-resolution moving map display with full data integration
  • High resolution terrain maps (worldwide) and TAWS-B audible alerts (North and Central America only)
  • A worldwide database of roads, rivers, cities, oceans, lakes, etc.
  • A worldwide obstacle database and obstacle alerts
  • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
  • Simulation of SafeTaxi® detailed airport information on the moving map (US and Europe Only)
  • Simulation of FliteCharts® electronic AeroNav terminal procedures charts (US Coverage Only)
  • Simulated ADS-B and TAWS systems w/alerts
  • Robust flight planning, including airway navigation
  • Full COM/NAV receiver integration
  • Full WAAS approach support
  • Simulated GFC 700 AFCS interface and flight mode annunciations
  • Pixel by pixel accuracy to the real-world avionics


The external visual simulation features:


  • A robust simulation of the entire planet, with a whole earth WGS-84 model, accurate topography, and regionally and culturally appropriate textures
  • More than 24,900 airports
  • A modifiable real-time weather system
  • Continuous time of day, seasons, and a variety of lighting effects
  • Simple extensibility for even higher-fidelity scenery and other graphic elements


The system is truly turn-key. It includes all the hardware, computers, and preconfigured software you need to start training—with no steep learning curves. It can be used for multiple phases of training, can be integrated into any curriculum or type of training, and can be located virtually anywhere.


Everything you need to start training


The Cessna Nav III version of the Enterprise G1000 Simulator helps pilots learn and master the Nav III avionics in Cessna's piston GA aircraft. If you already own other Cessna simulators, you can give your students additional opportunities to practice flying with G1000 avionics. If you're shopping for your first Cessna G1000 sim, look no further.


Cessna Nav III Enterprise G1000 Simulator

A turn-key hardware/software package for simulating flying with the G1000 in Cessna Nav III aircraft. Licensed for commercial use.


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