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G530 Student Simulator
G530 Student Simulator


Don’t Just Learn Your Way Around the GNS 530. Master Flying with It.

The G530 Student Simulator is high-fidelity G530 avionics simulation software that integrates with Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™, Microsoft® Flight Simulator X, or Laminar Research X-Plane. It provides a far more immersive training experience than a stand-alone part-task trainer.


The G530 Student Simulator provides the avionics simulation, and Prepar3D, FSX, or X-Plane provides the aircraft and environmental simulation. You’ll have to manage the avionics while simultaneously managing the challenges of flying the airplane.



The software is modeled after the GNS 530W and is a nearly one-to-one simulation of the real 530 software. Features include:




  • A multi-channel capacity VHF comm radio




  • A WAAS-certified GPS
  • A multi-channel ILS/VOR with localizer and glideslope receivers
  • Built-in WAAS navigation capabilities to fly LPV "glideslope" approaches without reference to ground-based navaids of any kind (providing vertical and lateral approach guidance into thousands of U.S. airports previously inaccessible in IFR conditions)




  • Built-in terrain and navigation databases that contain location reference for all airports, VORs, NDBs, Intersections, Flight Service Stations, published approaches, SIDs/STARs, Special Use Airspace and geopolitical boundaries




  • A detailed basemap that shows airports, cities, highways, railroads, rivers, lakes, coastlines and more




  • Terrain proximity warnings
  • Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) alerting


Autopilot Integration


  • Integration with standard autopilots that accept roll-steering commands to automatically fly your aircraft through holding patterns, procedure turns and other position-critical IFR flight procedures
  • The software simulates the features and functionality of the real 530W so accurately that we didn’t want to re-write the real manual. Thus, we encourage you to use Garmin’s 500W Series Pilot's Guide as a reference for learning to operate your G530 Student Simulator.




The G530 Student Simulator software will interface with the default aircraft in Prepar3D, FSX, and X-Plane, or with any add-on aircraft that you’ve installed. And because the software is a stand-alone application that merely interfaces with Prepar3D, FSX and X-Plane, it can be run on a separate PC connected to the flight simulation over a network. When configured this way, the 530 simulation won't slow down the flight simulation's performance.


While there are other 530 simulations available for Prepar3D, FSX, and X-Plane many are merely derivatives of the default GPS created by Microsoft for entertainment. And the few solutions that do offer more realism are add-on gauges that run within the flight simulation—and use up valuable processing power and memory.


The software is highly configurable. Options include:




  • Maintaining the aspect ratio when resizing the window, and saving the window size and position between sessions
  • Displaying or hiding the G530 Student Simulator window frame
  • Enabling or disabling sounds like audible warnings and alerts, and clicks when pressing buttons and turning knobs
  • Enabling or disabling an “Active Mouse” function that makes the G530 Student Simulator easier to use with a mouse
  • The G530 can also be controlled via a user customization keyboard.ini file that is provided with the software.




  • Selecting which core the G530 Student Simulator will run on when using a multi-core PC


Com and Nav


  • Selecting which Com and Nav radios the G530 Student Simulator will control
  • Selecting which method (Nav or Heading) the G530 Student Simulator uses to control the aircraft’s autopilot
  • Enabling or disabling “Link Course” and “Auto-Course” functions that simulate GNS 530 messaging and automatic course features
  • Switching between following GPS flight plans created in the G530 Student Simulator, or in the flight simulation GPS




  • Switching between the Terrain Proximity Warning System and TAWS




  • Selecting whether the G530 Student Simulator fuel flow and fuel quantity values are read from the flight simulation, or entered manually


Move From Familiarization to Mastery


Courseware, part-task trainers, and stand-alone avionics simulators are great tools for learning your way around the G530. But they're just not immersive.


The G530 Simulator Enterprise Edition and Prepar3D, FSX, or X-Plane work together to take you or your students beyond familiarization to mastery. The sort of mastery that increases confidence, reduces overwhelm, and makes flying safer.


Note: This training solution is not offered in affiliation with, nor endorsed by, Garmin.






System Requirements


  • Simulator: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Version 2.2 or greater; Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2, Acceleration, or Gold edition; or X-Plane version 10 or 11. This software is NOT compatible with previous versions of Prepar3D®, Flight Simulator X SP 1, or X-Plane Version 9 or earlier.
  • Processor: Quad core or better
  • Video Card: 1 GB (nVidia Recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 400 MB
  • System Memory: 4GB Minimum Recommended (for single computer use)
  • Computer Setup: Please note that a two computer configuration with both computers linked via a local network is recommended for optimum performance, compared to a single computer configuration. The G530 Simulator is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.