There's no limit to what you can do with our G1000 training tools. But could you benefit from a more structured approach to developing your G1000 knowledge and skills?


We've partnered with a renowned pilot/flight instructor who can help you get familiar with using the G1000, or master it.


Kirby Ortega is currently the Chief Pilot for Yingling Aviation's Aircraft Management Program in Wichita, flying Citations, Conquests, and Caravans. He also mentors pilots in their own airplanes.


Kirby started flying as a teenager in Kansas, then worked as Chief Pilot for Cessna Aircraft for 29 years. He flew hundreds of customer and press demo flights, in everything from the Skycatcher to the Citation X. During his time at Cessna, he conducted Caravan operations in 90 different countries.


He's an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor, a two-term NAFI Master Flight Instructor, and an FAA FAAST Team member. He was the FAA National Flight Instructor of the Year in 2002, and was inducted into the NAFI National Hall of Fame in 2014. He has more than 24,000 accident/incident-free flight hours logged, and he's given more than 15,000 hours of dual instruction.


Kirby was instrumental in developing the G1000 customer training course for Cessna, and developed the first FAA FITS Transition Course for the G1000 by an airframe manufacturer. He's been an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for 30 years, and is one of only a few DPEs conducting Citation Mustang type ratings.


He assisted in writing the single engine operations manual used by Cessna today, and has written articles for Flying, AOPA and Cessna Owner's magazines.


Kirby will travel to you to provide customized G1000 instruction using your Flight1 Tech G1000 simulator, or your G1000-equipped airplane. For more details, contact us.