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Important - Official FSX Support has Ended


Flight1Tech has ended all official support for FSX. We made our first annoucement regarding retiring FSX earlier in 2017 but now it is offical. Flight1Tech is supporting the Prepar3D platform only (and X-Plane in a limited number of products). If you have an FSX version, we suggest you upgrade to Prepar3D. Some of our products will now not show the FSX option and if it does have the FSX option, our support staff will not be able to give you help. Your current versions will continue to work as they do now (unless Windows is updated to an incompatible version). If you have FSX, please do not upgrade your service plans or make new purchases.

Tools for Flight Training and Pilot Proficiency

Our simulators, hardware, and software bridge the gap between basic part-task trainers and advanced full flight simulators.

Flight1Tech links their advanced avionics simulations and flight models to the industry's most realistic visual simulation platforms. We add aircraft-specific avionics to training tools that sit on your desktop, but look like they're pulled right out of a cockpit. The result? The same immersive experiences you get in full flight simulators, at a fraction of the cost.
Using our products, pilots can learn and master avionics in the same cognitive environment they're in when actually flying. They learn to manage the avionics while simultaneously managing the challenges of flying the airplane. They become safer, more confident pilots.

But don't take our word for it. See for yourself why pilots, flight schools, universities, airlines, and military organizations around the world rely on Flight1 Tech for their first simulation-based training tools, or to supplement the tools they already use.

All The Tools You Need

Flight1Tech understands how important staying proficient is, and how training at all levels needs to be effective. It is our job to create the tools, and your job to apply them to your training.

Whether you’re a large training facility, a small flight school, an independent flight instructor, or a private pilot, you’ll find our flexible and affordable training solutions to be in a league of their own. We attribute our reputation to our more than 20 years of experience designing, developing, and publishing high-fidelity software add-ons for PC-Based simulations.

The Future is Now when it comes to training pilots who will be flying local commuter flights, or working their way towards a career at a major airline. Learning while on the ground is now a critical part of the flight training path. Profficient pilots and safer skies are all in reach with the right tools in front of you.

The Many Benefits of PC-Based Flight Simulation

If you’re a pilot or a flight instructor, then you’ve by no doubt had some exposure to flight simulators. You’ve probably seen the big full-motion sims the airlines use, and you may have some personal experience using Microsoft® Flight Simulator on your home computer. There are many different types of simulation technology between those two ends of the spectrum though, and all the lines are starting to blur.

Incredibly realistic aircraft add-ons for flight simulation games now allow gamers to learn, master, and “fly” sophisticated aircraft just as if they were sitting in the real thing. Games-based technology is rapidly finding its way into professional simulation devices too. For years, young kids “playing” at home with Microsoft® Flight Simulator X and some high-end aircraft and scenery add-ons have arguably had a better training environment than many airlines! That’s starting to change.

At Flight1 Aviation Technologies, our focus is developing, publishing, and promoting PC-based simulation software for flight training and pilot proficiency. Our products can be used in all sorts of teaching and learning environments—from aviation university classrooms and labs, to flight school and airline simulation centers, to private homes. Our products can be used in all sorts of ways too— integrated into FAA-certified Aviation Training Devices, and as simple software solutions running on a single or multiple PCs used with gaming joysticks.