The Piper PA-28 Archer Enterprise G1000 Simulator is a turn-key professional training system designed for flight schools and universities.

It features the industry’s most accurate G1000 simulation, aircraft-specific hardware, a precise flight model, and a highly realistic visual simulation. It won’t just meet your expectations—it will surpass them.

This simulator has received FAA AATD approval. Click here to read more.

Version 2 is coming soon.




The Features that Matter Most to You

Our proprietary avionics simulation replicates the G1000 features and functionality in the Archer with exacting detail. You’ll find:

  • Full WAAS approach support including LP, LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, and LPV approaches.
  • VNAV that works just like it does the airplane.
  • Robust flight planning, with airways.
  • Simulated ADS-B traffic.
  • Taxi charts (US and Europe only).
  • Aural and visual TAWS-B and obstacle alerts (North and Central America only).
  • Synthetic terrain (optional).


WAAS approaches
Synthetic terrain



The sim’s hardware components are Archer-specific, and work just like their real-world counterparts to build muscle memory and minimize negative transfer of skill. They’re engineered for heavy use by multiple users and include:

  • A high-quality yoke with trim and autopilot disconnect switches.
  • Archer-style throttle and mixture controls.
  • An integrated flight console for physical control of frequently-used buttons, switches, and knobs.
  • Integrated autopilot controls.
  • EFIS-style backup display.


High-quality yoke
Archer-style throttle and mixture
EFIS-style backup display
Integrated autopilot controls




And Everything Else You Expect

The Piper PA-28 Archer Enterprise G1000 Simulator fully complies with the FAA’s criteria for an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) including aircraft-specific instruments and controls, a visual simulation with realistic cues near airports in all conditions, and a separate instructor station.

The hardware is mounted on a heavy-duty, fully-assembled metal fixed-base platform with integrated 110v power and USB/network data ports.

The visual simulation is displayed on a high-resolution 43” LED monitor and supports every VFR or IFR training scenario you could dream up. It’s a robust simulation of the entire planet including more than 24,900 airports, weather, continuous time of day, seasons, and a variety of lighting effects.

The flight dynamics are based on real performance specifications for the Piper PA-28 Archer to ensure the simulator flies just like the aircraft it’s simulating.

Customer support options include a standard factory warranty, support plans to keep your software up-to-date and minimize downtime, easy-to-install updates, remote support, and optional G1000 Transition Training.

The Instructor/Operator Station (IOS) features proprietary software that gives instructors professional-quality tools for monitoring, instruction, and analysis during a training session. It has features you’d find in a multimillion-dollar simulator, including an interactive moving map display and a sophisticated flight data recorder. See the Instructor/Operator Station product information sheet for details.






Simulator (fixed-base platform)
Width: 33 inches (84 cm)
Depth: 58 inches (147 cm)
Height: 70 inches (178 cm) to top of monitor

Electrical requirement: One standard U.S. 110 volt 20 amp circuit





Piper PA-28 Archer Enterprise G1000 Simulator

A turn-key solution for simulating flying with the G1000 avionics in the Piper PA-28 Archer.

Download Enterprise G1000 Simulator Brochure (PDF)

Download Piper PA-28 Archer Simulator Product Brochure (PDF)


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There are many versions of the G1000 avionics suite. Flight1 Aviation Technologies simulates the G1000 for the purposes of pilot flight training. Our software is customized to address different aircraft manufacturer implementations. However, we cannot guarantee our software exactly matches every possible feature of any given G1000 implementation.